True Access is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to provide safe, fun filled, thrilling and exciting trips, events and activities to young adults aged 18+ catering to people with mild to moderate learning disabilities, physical disabilities or other health conditions.

True Access believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take part and enjoy life’s experiences whether they have a disability or not. We believe our services allow those to fulfill some of their dreams and aspirations by taking part in exciting new activities that may have not been possible due to hindering social factors. Ultimately, we want our members to feel in control and have autonomy over their own lives, gaining independence, achieving personal outcomes and increasing well-being.

We have had a multitude of positive feedback from our members, expressing their excitement and appreciation in having the opportunity to experience things they have always wanted to do. Parents and Guardians have also informed us of their gratitude to have such a service within London. Many of our members have expressed that they feel like they are invisible to the rest of society and it would be nice to be seen and treated like everyone else. At True Access we listen to what the young people want and celebrate who they are as individuals.

  • Spark new friendships and encourage development of our client’s social skills.
  • Support our clients to fulfil some of their goals and life-longaspirations and to help them accomplish deeply held goals their disability had restricted them from achieving.
  • Increase their self-confidence and self-development including life skills, social skills and communicational skills.
  • Instil in our clients the independence to acquire regular adult responsibilities and to have the confidence to make informed decisions regarding their day-to-day lives.
  • Increase well-being through social activities: True Access focuses primarily on ensuring our trips and activities are safe, fun, exciting and relaxing for everyone, at all times.

True Access endeavours to provide a bright, optimistic and prosperous future full of endless adventure for our clients. We are passionate about human rights, equality, anti-discrimination, and anti-oppression. We thoroughly enjoy providing opportunities for people with health conditions, learning difficulties, and mental health issues.

The services provided by True Access allow our clients to fulfil personal dreams, wishes and aspirations, by participating in exciting and novel activities. Ultimately, we want our clients to feel in control and have autonomy over their own lives, gaining independence, achieving outcomes and increasing their well-being and prosperity.

True Access was established by Winnie Danmole in 2015 to offer supported activities, holidays and social events to adults with learning disabilities. The idea came to exist through her years of working with young adults and listening to their experiences of transitioning from children to adult services – they felt that there was a lack of support and available services to them as they were not considered to have a significant or critical needs.

The young adults expressed their desires to go on holidays and take part in fun activities but felt that due to their conditions they would never get a chance to make their dreams come true. Through substantial research, questionnaires and discussions it was apparent that there was a significant gap in services and opportunities not only for young adults with disabilities, but adults in general.

Winnie began her career some 11 years ago volunteering in a day center for people with learning disabilities. Throughout the years she has gained a vast amount of experience, knowledge and skills working with both children and adults with a range of learning and physical disabilities as well as mental health. She has worked in a number of settings such as day centers, residential homes, as a personal assistant in the community and within special needs schools.

Winnie has since gained a passion to provide opportunities to the adults with non critical health conditions through organising events and activities.

To provide national community integration and support to people with disabilities, health conditions and mental health. Ensuring the development of each individual is viable, along with the possibility of living a stable and healthy life for both the individuals and their families.