Safe, Fun Filled, Thrilling and Exciting Trips & events

Welcome to True Access

True Access is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to provide safe, fun filled, thrilling and exciting trips, events and activities to adults 18 years old and above catering to people with mild to moderate learning disabilities, physical disabilities or other health conditions.

Whether your diagnosis is ADHD, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, asperger syndrome, dys pepsia, SEN, hidden disabilities, mental heath, wheelchair user or use of other mobility aids or have dual disability – True Access are confident in catering to your needs.


Young people and adults to develop a positive self-image and allow young people to embrace their natural transition to adulthood with support by providing activities and workshops.


Their lives with the same opportunities as their peers and siblings.


The journey of supporting a range of young people and adults to a more inclusive and socially supported world.

Limitless Adult Hub

True Access brings you ‘Limitless’ – a social hub for young adults aged 18+ with mild to moderate learning disabilities, physical disabilities or other additional needs. Somewhere to socialise with peers, meet new people, engage in a range of activities and learn new skills. 


At True Access we aim to provide a wide range of activities to ensure there is something for everybody. We are always looking to add new activities and services.

Get Involved

Those with learning difficulties or disabilities often struggle in their day to day lives, and these disadvan tages may prevent them from doing more creative activities. Those who volunteer to help people with learning difficulties can make an enormous difference in the lives of these individuals and change them for the better. Volunteers provide a great deal of support to such people but also gain a great deal from the experience as well.

Welcome to True Access

If you are interested in becoming a part of True Access’ work, please fill in and submit our