Short Breaks

Short Breaks With True Access

True Access provide short breaks (also known as respite) to adults with a mild and/or moderate learning disability this is something our members and carers shown great interest in and it is True Access has wanted to start it for a long time. One of the main reasons for us starting this is the feedback received from parents and carers stating there is not enough respite around, and parents are struggling to cope with sufficient and regular breaks from their caring roles.

What we can offer

We offer the opportunity for people with a learning disability to book short breaks with True Access, whilst providing them with experience and independence of being away from a from home, but also provides their families and carers with a break in order to minimise risk of negative impact on health and wellbeing and carer breakdown and ensure effectively so continue their caring role and maintain positive family relationships.
We at True Access believe in preventative measures in-line with the care act 2014, therefore offering day and overnight care and support in a safe environment will be of great value to all. we want to make your experience as easy and stress free as possible by escorting individuals from and back home whether you are coming for the day or for a night or two.

Most people with a learning disability would like the chance to live independently, well this is the perfect opportunity to experience what it is like to live independent away from home. Whilst on a short break, people use their time to learn and practice new skills including personal care, domestic tasks, activities of daily living and community activities to help prepare them for a more independent future.

Our approach – Why we are unique

You should be aware by now that True Access always goes that extra mile to make our clientele happy in the way their needs are met. We strive to provide nothing but the best for our clients and have put great effort into providing you with a home away from home experience.

We offer a ‘home from home’ short break experience, enhanced by providing opportunities to be more independent, learn new skills and broaden experiences for adults with a learning disability.

We have ensured that the chosen venue is of True Access standard meaning we have the best location to access local amenities, enough outdoor space to have a garden party or sports day. Enough indoor space to freely move around and engage in activities taking part in different parts of the house. night time fun, movie nights, karaoke nights, games nights all in our PJ’s.

Be sure to aspect a safe fun stay with us and as an added bonus a remarkable venue meeting all needs.

The Venue

Due to confidentiality reasons we cannot share the identity of our chosen location, however those successful applicants will be informed.

We welcome parents and carers to visit the venue during selected day and time can be arranged. We do however not recommend drop-ins during the short break as we believe it defeats the purpose of independence we promote.

A great deal of research has gone in to locating the perfect home to accommodate our needs, with the right location easy access and space, with of course kind, supportive and professional landlords.

Accessing the local community

We will make use of local community amenities and resources that offer social and leisure activities, such as cafés, pubs, cinemas, shops ect.

These activities offer the opportunity for people to continue their own personal and social interests, meet new friends and also to feel a part of the community.

Planning your short break

Short breaks are dependent on assessment of need and risk, after which if successful you will be able to book with us. to ensure you get the best experience with us, we will gather as much information as possible from the person themselves and their support network.

We gather information about support needs and what the individual wishes to do and achieve during their future short break. This guarantees a personalised approach to support that is designed by you and delivered by us.

You can either book directly with True Access or a referral made via adult social care team or health professional.

At True Access we accept personalised budgets and direct payments

Rates and Services

This scheme will only be offered during school breaks/holiday’s and some weekends.

All our staff are CRB checked and able to support individuals to participate and engage in activities and promote independence in activities of daily living skills such as meal preparation.

The ratio for staff to client is 4 clients to 1 staff however, if one to one support is required please contact us to discuss further. Ladies and gentlemen sleep in separate rooms.